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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hybrid muzzle device?

A hybrid muzzle device is similar to other types of hybrid technologies. It combines the processes of other technologies to achieve multiple desired effects. In this case we have combined a muzzle brake, a compensator and a flash suppressor.


How effective is it?

The results of our testing indicate a reduction of felt recoil by an average of 50 to 60%, and thorough testing in near total darkness resulted in an average reduction of 95% of flash. NOVA 556 also has sufficient downforce to prevent muzzle rise on most standard rifle configurations.


Does it work on semi-auto?

Yes. NOVA 556 was developed and intended for use on semi-auto rifles like the AR-15.


Will it work for other calibers?

NOVA 556 was developed and intended for use on rifles chambered in .223 or 5.56mm. Its effectiveness on rifles of smaller calibers has not been evaluated. Never use the Nova 556 on a rifle designed to shoot a caliber of larger than .223 or 5.56 mm.


How effective is it on short barreled rifles?

Barrel length will have minimal effect on the compensation and braking ability of NOVA 556, however, Using NOVA 556 on barrels less than 14.5” will result in reduced flash suppression.

Why make a hybrid muzzle device?

                There are many types of shooters out there and many ways to set up your rifle. Some people prefer to set up their rifles for a specific roll, such as target shooting, hunting or home defense. By using a hybrid muzzle device, the shooter can configure their rifle for multiple purposes without having to change out equipment.

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